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Welcome to OL Boy Drag Racing Forum and Pro Street Forum

OL Boy Drag Racing Forum and Pro Steet Fourm covers all types of discussions about drag racing, race cars, pro street cars, dragstips from the past and present drag strips etc. Drag Strips of the past like US30 Dragsrip Indiana and Oswego Dragstrip Illinois and present dragstips like Union Grove "The Grove" and Byron Dragstrip.

OL Boy Drag Racing Forum and Pro Street Forum also covers questions on Hi-Perfromance engines, chassis setup, Pro Street engines and anything else realted to hi-performance race cars, street cars and motorcyles. A lot of the members on the forum have been long time drag racers, and also many have pro street cars and we're always looking for new forum members that can offer advice and answer questions that are asked on the forums.

OL Boy Drag Racing Forum and Pro Street Car Forum also has a forum for reviews on hi-performance parts. We are always looking for members to give reviews and opinions on dealers that sell hi-performance parts or anything hi-performance related. And also reviews on how the hi-performance parts worked out good or bad.

OL Boy Drag Racing Forum and Pro Street Forum also has forums for General Talk, Other Hobbies, Race Cars For Sale, Hi Performance Parts For Sale, Want ads and Misc Items For Sale

OL Boy Drag Racing Forum and Pro Street Forum also has you covered on Resources and wiring diagrams, Nitrous Oxide Diagrams, Fuel System Diagrams, Ford 9 Inch Rear End and other rear end diagrams, LENCO Transmission Diagrams, Super T-10, Muncie, Hemi Crah Box and other transmission Diagrams including Turbo 400 Diagrams, PowerGlide Diagrams and Turbo 350 Diagrams. We also have diagrams for Ford 9 Inch Diagram, Dana 60 Diagram, Chevy 12-Bolt Diagram and 10-Bolt diagrams. We will be adding diagrams and schematics regularly.

Registration is required for some areas of the race car and pro street forum and e-mail validation to activate your account. Registration is free so there is no reason not to join in. The rules are simple and based on common sense and common courtesy and allow this site to have a unique flair all it’s own.

Ol Boy Racing.com is one site who’s sole purpose for existing is to serve the Drag Racing, Race Car, Pro Street and Motorcycle community. So whether you Race at drag strip, have a Pro Street car or just have a interest in hi-performance or if your looking for information or the best deals on hi-performance parts you've found right place. We hope you will make OL Boyracing.com your internet home and enjoy your stay.

And I would also like to mention my father Bill "OL BOY" Reed. This forum is dedicated to his memory

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